Enter the Leniaverse...

After months of exploring the Leniaverse, 202 unique life-forms have been discovered and unleashed on the Ethereum blockchain. Their name: Lenia.

Join us on our big adventure in this uncharted part of the metaverse where Artificial Intelligence meets Art & Emerging Life.

202/202 Lenia minted



What is Lenia?

  • Lenia are pure mathematical creatures and a subject of active research in the field of Artificial Life.
  • They are also gorgeous and give some kind of meditative vibes.
  • Open Source: everything we do is open! Check our Github!
  • Total number of Lenia: 202
  • Price per Lenia: 0.15 ETH
  • Mint date: Thursday, October 7th, 6PM UTC
  • Premint pass: 50 (12 hours window to mint before the public sale starts)
  • Mint one Lenia per transaction
  • Metadata and Rendering Engine are stored on chain

Membership Perks

  • Lenia is an evolutive collection. Future Lenia will be derived from Genesis Lenia that will provide benefits for their owners.
  • Every Lenia gives you membership to the DAO.
  • Support AI ecosystem and research. Bert Chan has been working on Lenia since 2015 and created the Open Science Lenia project to push the research further. By collecting Lenia, you support this initiative.
  • We ♥ Science: access exclusive channels on Discord to talk about AI, Crypto, Math, and more!

Quite Asked Questions

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+What is the DAO?

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