Lenia Research

After releasing 202 unique life-forms on the Ethereum blockchain. We are now working on a self-funding decentralized and transparent research lab to help us funds our journey to explore Lenia deeper!

Help us create a new economically viable way of doing open research!

The research lab


We are Machine Learning and Crypto enthusiasts and we believe that beyond the inherent hype, the future will be shaped by those 2 technologies.

It just happens that the beautiful subject of artificial life is a perfect medium to provide visual support for NFTs, which are also perfect to foster a community and empower more research!

Lenia are not just nice and complex mathematical animations: they are as well a research subject in the field of artificial life.

Many questions are still unanswered in this field and this project aims to help researchers answer one of the hard questions: how one can automatically and efficiently discover those mathematical creatures?

The answer lies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and requires the work of many to bear fruits! This is why we participate in the Open Science Lenia initiative by open-sourcing AI tools to search for Lenia!


We aim at building a self-funding, decentralized and transparent research lab for all our projects. All our work is open-source.

You can expect us to make the project live in the long term by developing more AI x Crypto work, which will bring more value to the DAO.

Currently the DAO gets income from:

  • 50% of primary sales of the Lenia Genesis NFT collection
  • 2.5% of secondary sales of the Lenia Genesis NFT collection (7.5% total)

All further decisions will be proposed and decided by the DAO after the primary sale is complete.

Its vision, goals, and future projects are intended to be defined by the DAO itself, as long as it keeps aligned with its values. Come discuss in our Discord for more information.

On-going research

Lenia Genesis NFT collection

Our first project has been to work on a quality-diversity algorithm that could find automatically Lenia creatures. To do so we built a new library to simulate Lenia called Leniax. Which consist of a set of tools written in JAX to facilitate the exploration of the Leniaverse.

The algorithm discovered hundreds of potential creatures. And we curated the 202 most interesting ones from that set manually.

Each sale rewards the DAO and helps us fund more research!

More to come.

Now that the first proof-of-concept of research-powered NFT collection has been established. The goal is to keep pushing the envelope on Lenia and explore more complex variations of the Leniaverse.

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